Jo Warren from Grace House Ministries spoke to our club at the May 3 meeting. Grace House Ministries is a faith-based pregnancy resource center located in Weatherford, Texas. Founded in 1993, Grace House Ministries strives to promote hope, life, and knowledge in the community through Options Clinic, Grace House Pregnancy Center, and Pure Truth in-school training program. Grace House serves the community through three distinct branches of ministry. Options Clinic is their medical arm focusing on women and their partners who have just learned they may be pregnant. Grace House Pregnancy Center offers pregnancy, parenting, and life skills classes to parents from pregnancy through the toddler years. Pure Truth seeks to educate students in schools to make wise choices regarding their sexual health and many other important decisions and to equip students to be positive change agents among their peers.
Grace House has begun their Baby Bottle Campaign. This campaign raised over $50,000 in 2021. Our club passed around a baby bottle during Jo's presentation, raising over $300 with our attending members.  If you would like to get involved with Grace House, go to