Rotary Club of Weatherford 2021-2022 finished strong in the new Weatherford College Emerging Technologies and Workforce Education building. This group led by Rachael Watson exemplified excellence and leadership during their term, all of which receiving awards for representing their respected chair position throughout the year.
Our Rotarian of the Year was awarded to Courtney McKeown of Weatherford Christian School. She was recognized for exceptional Leadership and Service to the Rotary Club of Weatherford and the community in which we serve. Congratulations Courtney!
President Rachael Watson was presented with the President's Award and a gift card for dedication and hard work as president.  We appreciate everything she has done for our club and community. She is looking forward serving under Paul Gray as incoming president. Congratultions! 
As one great term comes to an end, another one begins. Paul Gray was elected and sworn in as our 2022-2023 President of the Rotary Club of Weatherford. His plans for our organization are nothing less than progressive, impactful, and formulated by his servant's heart. We are excited to see what the new board of Weatherford Rotary Club are capable of as we continue to serve our community with open arms and love for Parker County.