The Rotary Club of Weatherford donated $500 to the Texas Pythian Home during Pythian Home Week to help continue their work with local children in this community.  Opening on March 1, 1909, the Texas Pythian Home became a home for widows and orphans of Knights of Pythias members. The Pythians made the decision to build the home in Weatherford, Texas, due to the 300 acres of land given, as well  as the support of the community. The  Pythian Home was designated an independent school district on  August 1, 1910, continuing until 1972. In 1937, the last high school graduating class walked across the Pythian auditorium stage. The  decision was then made to send 6-12 grade to WISD and 1-5 grades continued to have classes at the Pythian Home until 1972. Now, the “Castle on the Hill” is a home for local children who need a safe place to stay. The Pythian principles of friendship, charity, and benevolence continue to be the driving force behind the organization that supports the home.  Go to for more information about this local landmark.